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One day I was walking in the NYC subway feeling jaded , questioning everything! My interests my pursuits! I had been to a lecture on something i thought I loved and was left JADED!!! I happened to be walking in the connection tunnel from the 1 train to the L train and I saw this old familiar graffiti saying " get Fired" "why Bother" and everyone else seemed to look jaded too! (see photos below) when I came out of the L at the Lorimer stop I had 15 minutes to spare. I stumbled into a bodega looking place only it wasn't a bodega, it was an Art store filled with handmade zines and righteous works. I was so inspired and I decided to design a pair of sight specific paper glasses for the Newsstand! It literally snapped me out of my jadedness and I wanted to make something that was cheap and paper like the Zines butsatisfying my expression goal of transitioning from Jaded to inspired. The glasses are designed to wear in the subway to lift the spirits of those who are feeling jaded. I assure you if you saw someone wearing them they would wake you up a little. I was met with equal inspiration about the glasses so I got to work!

These were done in a limited edition of 12! and there were 4 styles. Spiral, Spirla kittle, Scribble madness, Jaded hand drawn, wayfrayer cutouts, and a collaboration theme surprise.